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Posted on Oct 17, 2012 in BB10Jam, Press | 0 comments

PR: BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam in Maribor

PR: BlackBerry 10 Mini Jam in Maribor

Hot new BlackBerry stuff in Maribor! * Excellent user experience * Best mobile HTML5 implementation * Use Android apps now! * Guarantee for the developers to earn 10.000 USD with apps * Could you wish for more from a mobile development platform? * The attendance is free of charge.

Maribor, 17. October – The Blackberry Developer Group Balkan will hold the first Mini BlackBerry 10 Jam on 24 November in the premises of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI) in Maribor. The professional meeting with extra party load will be attended by visible representatives of the RIM Corporation, and we can expect some Slovenian VIP guests as well. The RIM people will present hot new stuff in the making for 2013.

The Mini BlackBerry 10 Jam will unite the experience and knowledge of developers from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia, and the group will hereby develop tighter bonds, open knowledge and information flow and establish a better development potential. BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan will thus ensure the best possible information flow and participation with the knowledge of the experts from BlackBerry so the experience and effect of the developers will be as top quality as possible.

Beginning of a new era: BB gives the power to developers
Mini BlackBerry 10 Jam is the first of this kind of events in Slovenia and in the Balkans region, and it for sure is not the last one. The most visible guest will be Mr Aaron Ardiri, who is RIM Senior Technical Evangelist in charge of contacts with developers, specialised for creation and porting of applications in PlayBook OS and the upcoming BlackBerry 10. He will extensively present the new architecture evolution of the smart BlackBerry 10, and the developers will get a chance to test new development models, make contact with the headquarters and make sure how strong the commitment of the corporation towards the developers is. Mr Luca Filigheddu, a highly experienced RIM BlackBerry Developer Evangelist in the EMEA region will also be present, and also Dennis Reumer, external development partner and Netherlands BlackBerry Developer Group Manager, specialist for developing applications in the BlackBerry environment.

Best web experience
BlackBerry is aware of the importance of excellent web experience. Web developers see the future in the new mark-up language standard HTML5, which is about to turn the web upside down. RIM took care with BlackBerry 10 to implement a revolutionary quality browser – in the compatibility tests it acquired 484 of 500 possible points (Apple iOS 6.0 took 360 and Google Android 4.0 took 280).

Running Android apps
BlackBerry is an open platform providing development possibility in various languages. Among the top we find the Qt/C++ Castades UI API, C/C++ native SDK, HTML5, Adobe AIR ActionScript and Android Runtime Java. The possibility to run Android apps is especially interesting for developers because they can offer their functional or entertaining products to new users in just a few clicks for repackaging to BlackBerry 10 OS or PlayBook OS.

The 10.000 dollar guarantee
RIM, who makes and develops BlackBerry 10 devices and OS, is highly confident of their development potential. They believe in their products so much that they are offering the developers – within the scope of the 10k Developer Commitment – a guarantee of 10.000 USD per app. If the developer will not earn 10.000 USD with the app within a year, RIM will make up with the difference in earning.

The development “jam” will take place at the FERI from 11.00 until 19.00. The conference will be opened with an extensive keynote by the RIM representative, and then presentations of various technologies for developers will be held – Native BPS/Qt/Cascades, HTML5, app packaging, Adobe Air and Android Runtime. After a short break the participants will have the chance to relax from 21.00 on at the BlackBerry VIP Party in the renowned club PlusMinus. BTW – the participants will also partake in a prize lottery and maybe return home with a new BlackBerry device or other prize!


All information on the event, lectures and guests can be found at the web page

Register at
Registration is free!
Register a.s.a.p. to assure a seat!


BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan
Branko Nikolić (aka Hedone Hawker), BlackBerry Developer Group Manager


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