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Posted on Jul 29, 2013 in DevBlog | 2 comments

BlackBerry World on PlayBook 3G+

BlackBerry World on PlayBook 3G+

It’s been quite a few times we gave away prizes to developers at our events or to those who needed it for testing purposes. We love to give “thank you” gifts to our developers and we will absolutely try to surprise you in the future (yes, we have a lot of events in plan).

Recently we’ve gave away BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ devices and I got emails from some of you regarding Blackberry World on this devices. BlackBerry World is updated after first use and from there on only thing you see is background and no matter how much time you wait, app stucks there.

I was looking for solution and came to two optional ways that will help you get your Blackberry World running. Make sure you read instructions carefully, since there is a big difference in this two solutions.

Solution 1:
Latest OS for BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ is but you are able to upgrade it to 2.1 OS. There is one thing you need to know before you select this solution: 3G part of your device wont work anymore. If you don’t use (and you are not planning to) SIM card in your device, you can update it with this solution. Keep in mind you wont be able to downgrade to 2.0 version.

1. Download this file:!1owGAART
2. Unpack with winrar or winzip
3. On Playbook go to Settings/Security/Development Mode and turn it ON
4. Connect your device to your computer with USB
5. run Dingleberry.exe from extracted forlder and input Development Address ( by default) and password in to fields in the upper left corner
6. Click on Firmware
7. Select “Custom” in the selection box with OS version displayed
8. Select “Full OS” in the right selection box.
9. Click on “Update” and update process will start
10. Wait till Update process finishes on BlackBerry Playbook and device restarts.
11. Try running App World

Solution 1:
If you use SIM card to connect your Blackberry PlayBook to internet, this is the right solution for you! This way you’ll keep 3G connection and will be able to use Blackberry World.
It’s easy solution, since uses only one file extracted from newer OS – BlackBerry World app! Steps are easier and you’ll be able to keep all of the features you have on your device.

1. Install App Manager and enable sideloading on your device
2. Here is how you do it ;)
3. Download this file:!chgWyKQC
4. Sideload this file to your device
5. Run Blackberry World

Please let us know if you were able to get your Blackberry World running in the comments.

Disclaimer: This post is written from my own experience with BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+. If you brick your device or you won’t be able to use it, keep in mind, we are not taking any responsibility for it. Steps described worked for me but there is no guarantee it will work on your device.


by Branko Nikolic,

Chief Developer Group Manager at Blackberry Developer Group Balkan

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