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Posted on Aug 6, 2013 in DevBlog Cluj | 2 comments

Favorite dev tools: Brackets editor

Favorite dev tools: Brackets editor

In my previous post I’ve talked a bit about how great the overall lightness of the WebWorks development environment is, where you can use just a code editor and a Chrome plugin to build, test and deploy apps.

And speaking of code editors, today I’d like to show you a very interesting github project called Brackets. So what is Brackets?

‘an open-source code editor built with the web for the web’

Created and maintained by Adobe, this text editing software will help you write your code when you are working with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

What I found particularly interesting is that Brackets was actually made using Web technologies, performing on your desktop as what you might usually expect to be done by software written in C, Java or other non-web languages. The last time I’d heard of a somewhat similar concept was when I found out that the BlackBerry 10 browser was too actually an HTML5 app.

When you download this editor, the default functionality you get isn’t that loaded. However, you can customize it and make it fit your specific needs afterwards by going to the extensions section. Being an open source web app, these plugins are quite easy to build and you will find quite a variety of such addons built by the community.

‘ If you can code in Brackets, you can code on Brackets.’

Regarding the UI, as you would expect you get a navigation side bar (on the left) which you can hide, and your code in all its glory taking the center stage. A very usefuly tool is the live preview button, tucked away on a vertical narrow bar to the right. This will of course open a browser window for you to see your code in action.

Another cool feature is the ability to use different themes for the UI, which is something I personally like. If you cannot find a color setup that’s just right, you can always build it yourself! To do so, simply go to your Brackets/www/thirdparty/CodeMirror2/theme folder and set up the color scheme you like using simple CSS.


Note that this project is still in beta currently on version 0.26, but receiving regular updates. Download Brackets here and enjoy!

So devs, what other text editors do you use?


Quotes&image source:


by Dragos Filipovici,

Cluj-Napoca developer group manager


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  1. JetBrains WebStorm or PHPStorm are the best IDE tools in my opinion. Quite expensive, though :)

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