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Posted on Sep 20, 2013 in DevBlog Sofia | 1 comment

BBWorld SEO optimizati​on: US vs UK English in app title

BBWorld SEO optimizati​on: US vs UK English in app title

Everyone knows that making a great app is just half the success, as convincing the users to download/buy the app is the other part. Although BBWorld is still behind AppStore and Google Play in app numbers, 200 000 apps can still be quite a big number.

So how does your app get discovered? Of course marketing, advertisement, working with blogs and social media will increase the app discoverability, but there is also some simple stuff you can do right now: SEO optimization. BBWorld Search is a powerful feature, so don’t underestimate it!


Recently, I’ve found an interesting issue while doing some SEO optimization. As you know, certain words are spelled differently in US English compared to UK English. The word prediction on BlackBerry devices becomes quite a powerful SEO factor. Why? Because when users set up their smartphone for the first time they are able to choose between English (US) or English (UK). And from this point on, word prediction works with the corresponding language dictionary.

For example, if the user starts to type “offe…” he/she will get “offence” as word prediction with UK language and “offense” with US language. As you may guess the search result will be quite different.


As we know, search results are highly affected by the app’s title. So on one of my apps I tried using the UK word first, then I replaced it with the US word – not a big difference actually. However, when I inserted both words in the app title (I admit, the app title sounds a bit dull with such tautology), the downloads doubled! (the change was done on 8. July – marked with blue line).


Have you had any similar experiences?


by Tihomir Hristov,

Sofia developer group manager


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