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About Blackberry Developer Group Balkan

BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan is committed to build strong community of developers in countries of ex-Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Putting together experiences and knowledge of developers from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia is main priority of BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan. We operate as an umbrella organization for Developer Groups in countries of ex-Yugoslavia and helping them with information, event organization etc.

Sharing information and gaining knowledge from BlackBerry Experts will make developing for the BlackBerry Platform the best developer experience there is. Together and by sharing the good, the bad (sometimes weird) experience we’ll create a unified voice to share with Research in Motion. By doing so we’ll be able to help eliminate any obstacles in developing for BlackBerry platform.

BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us and help us create strong developer community with loud voice and sharing love for BlackBerry platform.


Local groups

BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan is an “umbrella” organization of local developer groups in countries of former Yugoslavia. Check out the list and websites of local developer groups and join the one that is closest to you.

List of local groups



BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan and its local groups have many acknowledged and esteemed experts from different fields of development. You can also find some foreign experts, regulars at our group’s meetings.

BlackBerry experts

Academic Program

We want to raise a new generation of developers. The academic program includes lectures at colleges, loaning program and organize of events that give students new experiences and new knowledge.

List of faculties



List of developers working under BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan and local developer groups. BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan unites many quality developers from all fields of the industry.

List of developers


Managing team

Meet people managing Blackberry Developer Group Balkan. We are eager to hear from you. Send your ideas and help us make experience on Blackberry platforms even better for you and your fellow developers.

Managing team

Loaning Programs

BlackBerry offers great simulators to test your application while in development – but we want you to be able to test your final product on actual devices, to get best results and great application.

Detailed information



We present to you applications and projects that have been launched under BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan. Visit the list of applications and projects you can find in BlackBerry App World.

List of applications



Partners are the principal part of the BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan. Our work is voluntary, with the help of these companies we can organize events and meetings for developers and users of BlackBerry devices.

List of partners