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Loaning Program

BlackBerry offers great simulators to test your application while in development – but we want you to be able to test your final product on actual devices, to get best results and great application.

Testing final product on actual device is important not just for you but for also for us! Tested applications will much more likely be approved by Blackberry World – that means we are able to get you started in much shorter time and you’ll be able to start earning with Blackberry application much sooner.

Devices in Loaning Program are available through local Developer Groups. Check the list of local developer groups and contact manager of the one nearest to you. If you are not able to find city near your location, please contact us.

List of Local Developer Groups


If you just started developing for BlackBerry, you may wanna check development tools and get simulators. We are also here to help you with local developer groups where you’ll find a lot of great people and experts, willing to help you with getting started.