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Local BlackBerry Developer Groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina


DevGroupBosniaBosnia and Herzegovina holds a lot of developers, designers and other experts in the field of mobile technology. With great faculty programs and great focus towards mobile technologies and development, Bosnia and Herzegovina is already interesting country for international information technology companies and will produce great number of developers in next few years.


Developer Group Banja Luka

Banja Luka holds a lot of experts in the field of application development. Best part of our group is to hold not only developers but also graphical designers and user experience experts. United under one group we are able to exchange knowledge from various fields and expertise much faster. Join us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share your knowledge with your fellow developers:



Additional information and contact

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People managing Developer Groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BrankoPWebBranko Pekez
Developer Group Manager - BlackBerry Developer Group Banja Luka

Student at Banja Luka College department of computer science.Software enthusiast, gamer, player and developer with three year experience in game programming. Developer on Actionscript3 – Flash/Air platform. Like driving, sports cars, travel, basketball, playing games and bike fan!