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Local BlackBerry Developer Groups in Macedonia


DevGroupMacedoniaMacedonia is a real surprise in Development world. Small in size but big in number of developers and even better – great in quality of ideas developers from this sunny country provide.
At this moment we have two local Developer Groups in Macedonia – one in Skopje, capitol city of Macedonia and the other in Bitola, small but beautiful city full of cultural heritage.


Developer Group Skopje

Proud to represent BlackBerry and help developers, we are group with few quite known names from the world of development. Members of our group are full of great ideas that together with knowledge produces awesome results. Get in contact with us if you need any help or would just like to chat about development on BlackBerry platform. We also have full loaning program running. Click bellow and follow us.


Developer Group Bitola

BlackBerry Developer Group Bitola is full of great developers using all kinds of tools, but we are specially known by our gaming skills. We will provide you help with all information needed regarding tools, registration as a Blackberry Vendor at Blackberry World and with loaning program active, you are able to borrow any kind of device for your development. Make sure you follow us by clicking buttons bellow.


Additional information and contact

- Contact us - Developers in our group - Our DevBlog and News

Additional information and contact

- Contact us - Developers in our group - Our DevBlog and News


People managing Developer Groups in Macedonia


NikolaNikola Tanchevski
Developer Group Manager - BlackBerry Developer Group Bitola

Experienced with design, animation and programming, with over 7 years of working experience. Currently working as a Creative Director on Games and Animated Film. Current goals are finding reliable offshore/nearshore partners to collaborate and do business. Beside being Developer Group manager he is also taking care of academic program at local university. Specialties: Game Development, Design, Branding and Identity, PR, Management



Natasha Petkova
Developer Group Manager - BlackBerry Developer Group Skopje

Working with developers in the past few years, organizing competitions, trainings and events for mobile apps, she is a great supporter all the local developer communities. She is the organizer of the first Startup Weekend in Macedonia, a team member of the international mobile application camp in the Balkans and is always up for new challenges. Her specialties are in business development, developing marketing strategies, project management and event management.



Aleksandar Filiposki
Academic Program Coordinator  - BlackBerry Developer Group Skopje

Actively involved in supporting the mobile applications developer community in the country. Organizer of the first international event for mobile developers in the Balkans.
Specialties include business development, project management and event planning.