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BlackBerry Platforms and Tools

BlackBerry is an open platform that provides a variety of development languages and runtimes designed to fit your skills. Your choice will be based on a combination of familiarity, possibly having a pre-existing codebase as well as the target devices you wish to serve.

Each application approach (Android™, Adobe® AIR®, HTML5/WebWorks, Native C/C++) is tailored for the developer communities supporting these environments.

Whether you are looking to create a tailored BlackBerry experience using Native/Webworks/Java or wanting to take your application code base cross platform with HTML5/Android/Adobe AIR, there’s a solution for you.


You can use the Cascades UI APIs to create stunning signature BlackBerry 10 interactions, while the platform APIs provide access to the underlying features of the BlackBerry Application Platform.

There are millions of lines of C/C++ code out there waiting to be ported to BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook, and with the Native SDKs, you can leverage your existing code and bring it to many eager users.

Use your existing JavaScript/CSS/HTML skills to bring your app to existing smartphone, PlayBook and future BB10 users. Deeply integrate with core BlackBerry functionality.



If you have an existing game or app written in AIR that you are looking to bring to the PlayBook and future BB10 platform this is the choice for you.

Port existing Android apps and games to PlayBook and BB10 and expand your market. Simply re-package and distribute through App World.