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Press releases

Every press release is published as part of our Developer Blog. If you would like to check history of our Press Releases, check Press Releases archive.

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Media about us

Check what and where was published about BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan or any of our local Developer Groups. We’ll try to publish all mentions in media on this blog. Please contact us if you find an article we don’t have on Media about us blog yet.

Press accreditations

Media credentials are for qualified journalists so they may attend scheduled press conferences and events. In order to qualify for media credentials, a person must be a working print, broadcast (TV, radio…), or website journalist, photographer, TV camera operator…

After the application has been approved, we’ll provide all qualified journalists with presskit and press conference schedule.

If you have any questions or require media-related BlackBerry Developer Group Balkan or event information, please contact the us at

Select event you would like to apply for accreditation:

24 November 2012 – Maribor, Slovenia – Registration closed